On September 20, 2017, the Caribbean found itself in the path of Cat 5 Hurricane Maria. The devastation that resulted from the hurricane force winds and the flooding is the worst disaster experienced by the Island in over 100 years. Thousands have lost everything and are living in shelters or with other family members.

The people of the Caribbean have been victims of a traumatic experience. The catastrophic event has scared these beautiful Island and have left many feeling uncertain of what the future holds. Those that have lost their homes need a clear path to move forward to be able to participate in the reconstruction efforts.

Convert and Stella Group propose the creation of flat pack housing communities throughout the Caribbean that will serve as a basis for creating stability and security for the people while we take on the task of reconstructing the Island.

Convert with the support of Stella Group will unite forces to provide fast and secure living quarters for the thousands of Hurricane Maria victims that have lost their homes. Our vision is to create flat pack housing communities throughout the Island where the victims will be able to return to their municipalities and start the process of re-building while in the safety and security of a proper housing unit. The flat pack housing will move people out of schools and other government facilities that are being used as shelters and need to return to its original use. Also, returning displaced victims to their municipalities will minimize the number of times a displaced family will move from one place to the other, action that disrupts the family’s recovery effort to regain stability and normalcy.

These flat pack communities will serve as the foundation for the displaced survivors to start the healing process necessary after the traumatic experience of Hurricane Maria. The facilities will provide the displaced victims with safe and secure quarters allowing them to return to their jobs, schools and daily tasks. The process of regaining normality and routine will provide a safe haven for the healing and long-term recovery process to start.

We propose a fast-built home known as flat pack housing units consisting of 4 models: Model 1 – 1 Bedroom Family Configuration, Model 2 – 2 Bedroom Single Family Configuration, Model 3 Bedroom Single Family Configuration and Model 4 – ADA Configuration. All units are fully equipped with finished interiors, electrical, plumbing, kitchenette and full bathrooms and will be fully installed and delivered ready to move into.