Contaminated Remains Quarantine Pod

For Storage and Quarantine of Human Remains Infected by the Ebola Virus

The MRS Contaminated Remains Quarantine Pod (CRQP) has been specifically designed to meet and exceed the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines for the storage of human remains that have died from the Ebola Virus. The MRS CRQP is designed and has been tested to be leak proof and air tight in order to contain 100% of all fluids in an hermetically sealed pod that can be opened and closed while maintaining the airtight and liquid tight requirements. The pod was designed to meet the needs for the storage of a larger number of decedents that need to be quarantined in order to control the cross contamination of the Ebola virus as well as adding dignity to the proper storage of a human remain.

The current method of storage includes simply placing the remain into a standard body bag or in a wrapped plastic and then placing the body on the ground in a temporary storage building. Because the proper containment is not being used, the body fluids from the remains are leaking from the bag further contaminating the outer portion of the bag as well as leaking onto the ground thus increasing the risk of spreading the virus.

How the CRQP works: Once the system is received in the field the lower half of the pod is placed on a surface that is clear of any sharps objects. The racking system is then installed into the lower half of the pod. Remains are then placed into the racking system and the top half of the pod is placed over the rack system and the two halves are sealed using the airtight zipper. No special tools are training are required. At any time the pod can be opened and remains can be removed or added as needed.


Containment System Exterior

The outer pod unit is constructed of a food grade quality PVC material that is easy to maintain and has a 10-15 year life span. The unit also includes an ultra hermetic airtight zipper and additional security straps to secure the unit.



The cadaver racking system is portable, removable, and collapsible. The racking systems are constructed of resin coated tubing that is durable and resistant to chemicals.



The cadaver storage trays are built from corrugated plastic and include four handles for easy lifting and loading. The tray design adds a second level of fluid containment to help control cross contamination of the virus.

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