MERCSystem: How It Works

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Mortuary Response Solutions ® has worked closely with military, federal and state agencies, and private firms to employ a total solution to mass fatalities. The solution: portable, cold storage capability. In order to help better manage overwhelmed resources during a natural or man-made disaster resulting in mass fatalities, Mortuary Response Solutions ® has designed, engineered and patented the MERCSystem ® – Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System.


The MERCSystem ® is the first direct contact cooling system using liquid cooling technology to store human remains, and  is the only human remains recovery system that is completely portable, scalable and interoperable. The MERCSystem ® is one of the most efficient human remains cooling solutions on the market, and eliminates the need for large, stationary coolers or refrigeration units that often have a delayed arrival, are uncomfortable to work with, and are energy-inefficient.


The MERCSystem ® is fully operational in just a few simple steps:


MERC Step Collage

Step 1: After remains are received, unzip body bag to completely expose remains.

Step 2: The MERC® Cooling Pad should be placed over remains as shown. Place arms carefully on top of pad. Body bag should be zipped.

Step 3: The body should be carefully lifted and placed onto MRS Cadaver Storage System.

Step 4: Cooling pad hoses should be connected to supply/return hoses. Supply / return hoses should be connected to the appropriate port.

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