MRS® Introduces Contaminated Remains Quarantine Pod

Mortuary Response Solutions® Introduces Contaminated Remains Quarantine Pod

BELTON, S.C. – October 10, 2014 –

Mortuary Response Solutions®, a division of Worldwide Disaster Response Group, announced today that they have expanded their mass fatality response offerings to include a  new Contaminated Remains Quarantine Pod that has been specifically designed to meet and exceed the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines for the storage of human remains that have died from the Ebola Virus.

The Contaminated Remains Quarantine Pod was designed and tested to be leak proof and air tight in order to contain 100% of all fluids in an hermetically sealed pod that can be opened and closed while maintaining the airtight and liquid tight requirements. The pod was designed to meet the
needs for the storage of a larger number of decedents that need to be quarantined in order to control the cross contamination of the Ebola virus as well as adding dignity to the proper storage of
a human remain. Safely and efficiently transporting and storing human remains is something that Mortuary Response Solutions® has long upheld as a priority when designing products.

“The current method of storage in countries where Ebola is a widespread threat is not safe or sufficient. The remains are simply being wrapped in plastic and then placed on the ground in makeshift shelters,” stated Michael Richardson, President and CEO. “Practices like these lead to further contamination and spread of the Ebola virus. Remains of Ebola patients are highly contagious. Getting the Contaminated Remains Quarantine Pod on the ground in Africa could help significantly in fighting the war against Ebola.”

The Contaminated Remains Quarantine Pod consists of three components: the outer pod, the cadaver racking systems, and the cadaver storage trays. Once the system is received in the field the lower half of the pod is placed on a surface that is clear of any sharps objects and then the cadaver racking system is installed into the lower half of the pod. Remains are then placed into the racking system in the cadaver storage trays and the top half of the pod is placed over the rack system and then the two halves are sealed using the airtight zipper. At any time the pod can be opened and remains can be removed or added as needed. No special tools or training is required to use the Contaminated Remains Quarantine Pod.

Mortuary Response Solutions also has designed smaller pod systems that will fit into the rear of vehicles as well as low cost, hermetically sealed body bags so that remains can be temporarily stored and transported while helping with minimizing the spread of the virus. Click here for more detailed information on the Contaminated Remains Quarantine Pouch.

Mortuary Response Solutions (MRS®), based in Belton, South Carolina, is an industry leader in mass fatality response equipment and training. MRS is leading the way in providing mobile solutions to critical situations worldwide. For more information on Mortuary Response Solutions and its products, please visit or call (864) 261-5151.

ResQHook: New Distributor Agreement Signed

Worldwide Announces New Distributor Agreement Signed with PS5 Limited; Founding Manufacturer of ResQHook™

BELTON, S.C. – July 7, 2014 –

Worldwide Disaster Response Group (WWDRG), an industry leader in emergency, disaster, and mass fatality response equipment, today announced the signing of a new distributor agreement with PS5 Limited for market segments within the U.S.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, PS5 Limited is an internationally acclaimed specialist security consultancy and training provider to the law enforcement, defense, and security industries. In describing this new agreement, Michael Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Worldwide Disaster Response Group said: “We are very pleased to have PS5 Limited as a new business partner and look forward to a successful, long-term relationship,”

Of its many offerings and training programs, WWDRG will focus on the ResQHook and its complementary products. The patented ResQHook is a carefully designed knife with a deeply curved, hook-like blade and serrated ripping edge. The functionality of the ResQHook makes it a fit for several industry genres including military, corrections, fire and rescue, emergency services, and law enforcement.

“In the next several years, we look forward to growing our customer base within the public safety industry. This application helps solidify our commitment to providing our customers with dependable solutions to critical situations,” said Richardson.

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